What is PayMe?
Since 1999, ImaHima started experimenting with various Japanese payment methods for micro-payments faced with its own needs for practical online billing in Japan. Several years of effort led to the development of PayMe -- the Online Billing Gateway developed by ImaHima for the Japanese market. PayMe is connected to the widest range of alternative payment methods popular in Japan - like convenience store payments, banks, post offices, electronic money, prepaid cards, mobile billing, ISP billing, credit cards to name but a few, out of which convenience store payment method is most popular.

Why do I need PayMe?
Japan is primarily a cash-based society where credit card penetration is relatively low and carries a stigma of insecurity for online usage. Mobile phones are not "open" payment platforms. When selling to Japanese buyers, online merchants must offer convenience store (konbini) payments, which have become one of the most popular payment method for online payments in Japan by all demographics for their ease of use and security. Supporting more payment methods will directly increase the merchant's revenues, often upto 49%, since more users are able to pay. Since konbini payments are 100% prepaid, this means that you also enjoy zero collection risk for your business.

Easy to pay = more revenues!
Our merchant partners have increased their revenues upto 49% by connecting to PayMe.

How do customers pay using PayMe?
Consumers simply buy the PayMe prepaid voucher at convenience stores that can then be used to make payments online.

What is PayMe's uniqueness?
PayMe Prepaid is the defacto standard for Japanese konbini payments designed especially for international merchants. PayMe's unique strengths are:

  • Defacto standard: prepaid convenience store payment is the most popular local payment method for Japan
  • Nationwide coverage: PayMe is connected to thousands of Japanese convenience stores nationwide
  • Support for multi-currency: bill and get paid in the currency of your choice
  • Simple to use: based on our experience with 20+ local payment methods, this is the one consumers use most!
  • Easy to integrate: a simple API with complete documentation and support in English
  • Perfect for micro-payments: Supports amounts ranging from micro-payments to e-commerce
  • Instant payment notification: PayMe notifies you in real-time as soon as payment is received
  • Zero collection risk: cash is collected upfront before you supply your product/service
  • Proven track record: several years of experience with high volume sites like HabboHotel and Chikka
  • Reliable partner: ImaHima is a 8-year old company with deep experience in working with international partners like Warner Bros., AOL, Sulake Labs, Atlassian and offering its own suite of original services for the Japanese market.
  • Speed to market: you can be up and running in one week!

Can't wait to try out PayMe? Contact us with your business needs, we'd like to help you succeed in Japan.

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